How does this work?

You click the green 'Sign in though STEAM button' and we ask you once to validate that you'd like a Steam Signature. We use the details in your Steam ID to make a neat Steam badge for you to use as a forum signature.

Is logging in safe?

Definitely. uses the Steam OpenID software that allows you to login to Steam via our site. This only gives us two things, your publicly available Steam ID and your current Steam friends handle.

It does not give us your username, password, or any other sensitive info.

Can I get my account suspended for doing this?

Nope. Not a chance.

This in no way connects to your games, or your steam account directly. It only retrieves two pieces of info and gives you a cool looking badge that you can embed in forums, blogs and anywhere you'd like!

How can I get in touch is owned by Network N Ltd. The team behind

Want to say hi? Drop us an email via contact at